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Al Mustafa Cultural & Educational Centre

 This site will bring you up-to-date information from the centre. Al-Mustafa Cultural & Educational Centre is a non profit educational institute and school, founded and run by young and committed people. Enabling every child to fulfil his or her potential is at the heart of our drive to raise education standards. Our centre will work for the benefit of every child and every young person in our community We aim to provide academic support by helping with homework ,additional tutoring after school and providing motivational support.

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Shaykh Sa'ad introduced the Seerah course, and informed us that we are blessed and honoured in studying the Seerah. Read More »



For the first time in Bradford a monthly lecture series on the Qasida al Burda of al imam Sharaf al-Din al Busiri Rahima Humullah. Read More »

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We are deeply grateful for your support and the work we do. Your support will enable us to make a difference in the community through our mission of education and service to humanity. Thank you.

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  1. AMCEC

    20347 Hours ago

    Eid greetings from Al-Mustafa Centre!!

    1. Posted : Oct 17 2013 2:41PM
  1. AMCEC

    21762 Hours ago

    1 Year Conversational Arabic Course for Males

    It is said love arabic for 3 reasons:

    - It is the language of the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasalam
    - It is the language of Al Quran
    - It is the language of the dwellers of Jannah

    This saying is only weakly attributed to the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasalm. Nevertheless, the validity of the first two statements is undoubted and these alone, are reasons enough for us to have a desire to learn arabic in order that we may increase our love and attachment to the Quran and the Sahib E Quran.

    On that basis, we are extremely blessed to have an opportunity to join a 1 year conversational arabic programme organised by Al-Mustafa Centre and taught by Ustad Abdur Rahman ar Rifai from Damascus, Syria. This is TRULY, an opportunity not to be missed.

    Starts Sun 1st Sep 2013
    7-8pm. Brothers only.

    More details:

    1. Posted : Aug 19 2013 3:56PM
  1. AMCEC

    21762 Hours ago

    1 Year Foundation Alimiyyah Programme for Boys

    Starts THIS Saturday 24th August
    Every Sat and Sun
    Ages 12+

    First Year modules:
    -Arabic Grammar
    -Islamic Law
    -Islamic History

    On successful completion of this first year foundation course students will progress on to our 3 year Alimiyyah Programme.


    Enquiries: 01274 780452

    1. Posted : Aug 19 2013 3:53PM
  1. AMCEC

    21834 Hours ago

    Special event TONIGHT 16/8/2013

    We will be honored to host As Shaykh Abd Ul Shaafi from Al Azhar Sharif, Cairo, Egypt for a special evening of Quran Recitation tonight after Salah tul Maghrib (20.43).

    Note: Weekly public lecture will be running as normal at following times:
    Mawlana Wajid Iqbal - Shamail al Tirmidhi - 7.45-.8.45pm
    Shaykh Saad al Attas - Companions of the Beloved - 9.00-10.00pm

    1. Posted : Aug 16 2013 3:52PM
  1. AMCEC

    21931 Hours ago

    AMC Classes will resume 12th August

    InshaAllah all classes at AlMustafa Centre will resume on 12th August 2013.
    1. Posted : Aug 12 2013 2:01PM
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